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We are running out of time to act on climate change and the suite of systemic consequences it brings for inequality and individual opportunity. We need to deploy all tools available to set – and increase – the pace for action on climate change across all the ecosystems of our societies, incl. business, finance, and government. The many’ people are at the core of these ecosystems in their everyday lives as consumers, citizens, workers, savers. Yet they are not at the core of decision-making fora

WE NEED TO MOBILISE ‘THE MANY PEOPLE to raise their voices, take agency, and help change the narrative around who holds power

Today the many people largely remain outside of the conversation, and many voices remain unheard – especially the younger generations from the Global South. Consequently, the climate agenda and prevailing narrative is non-inclusive and constructed predominantly by privileged decision-makers in the Global North, reflecting the existing systems of inequality that we operate in and not adequately framing climate action as an opportunity also for the Global South. Challenging and changing this narrative requires the inclusion of the many people – for them to experience how in coming together, their voice and agency could set the pace for decisions and demand accountability

UN LIVE, WORKING IN CONCERT WITH PARTNERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, WILL UNITE ‘THE MANY‘ in conversations around climate to make their voices heard, experience togetherness, and harness their agency to push for action and accountability from decision-makers

This program aims to

I) create a sense of togetherness and belonging to a Global We across borders, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds,

II) Enrich the climate conversation with new perspectives through listening to and engaging communities, and

III) Through that push the narrative around who holds agency, power, and ingenuity to drive change.

The program has three main program activities:

1. INCLUDE: Bringing at least 15,000 unheard voices across 25 locations into the climate conversation with a carefully curated group of activists, influencers, and decision-makers to challenge the narrative on who holds power and agency

2. AMPLIFY: Amplifying the conversations, voices, and perspectives to no less than 50M people through high-quality content based on highlights from the conversations to be shared in participants’ own networks, through digital and physical scaling partners and carefully planned communications as a way to increase interest in the program and actively invite more people to join

3. INFLUENCE: Bringing the many peoples’ perspectives to decision-makers in the lead-up to and during COP27 through an immersive mechanism at the COP venue that can act as a bridge to the 25 locations around the world