Approximately 10% of the world’s carbon footprint originates from travel and tourism, causing significant environmental harm. Goodwings stands out as the sole travel platform that calculates, reports, and pays to remove its clients’ travel emissions. Through the partnership with Goodwings, our global network can gain insight into, minimise, and offset the carbon emissions generated during business travel. Goodwings is the preferred platform for Impact Hub’s own business travel needs.


Driven by a shared commitment to spur long-term social change, Impact Hub and Argidius Foundation partnered to increase access and effectiveness of entrepreneurial support services across the globe. Impact Hub has developed a comprehensive toolkit and methodologies for every stage of venture development, from design to support. This includes session outlines, presentation templates, and how-to guides. With this partnership, Impact Hubs have more than doubled the number of impact enterprises they support via programmes each year.


Impact Hub and WWF have forged a strategic partnership over the past decade, joining forces to drive environmental impact and sustainable entrepreneurship across our global networks. Through more than 40 jointly-run programmes, we have provided support to over 200 environmental entrepreneurs worldwide.

This partnership has exemplified our commitment to addressing the environmental, climate, and biodiversity crisis. Throughout the years, we have demonstrated the power of co-creation and co-implementation, maintaining an open mindset and adapting to the unique needs of each partner while preserving our individual strengths. Impact Hub and WWF remain dedicated to forging high-impact partnerships that contribute to a sustainable future for all.

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