Lynne Aswani

Lynne Aswani is a versatile professional with expertise in music, international relations, development, AdTech, digital marketing, and e-commerce. She excels in managing projects and digital campaigns, significantly enhancing organizational impact across sectors and regions. As a Client Success Manager at Alfluence Inc., Lynne led impactful campaigns, including the Oxfam Covid-19 Vaccination Behavior Change Campaign in Kenya. She specializes in influencer marketing, achieving over 2 million reaches and a 16% conversion rate for ALX The Room and MasterCard. Lynne’s skills include digital strategy, data analysis, and stakeholder management. She holds a Master’s in Digital Marketing and E-commerce and is multilingual.

Dennis Ndungu

Dennis Ndungu is a tech-savvy entrepreneur and Events and Community Lead dedicated to building vibrant communities at the intersection of technology and sustainable impact. With expertise in backend development, UI/UX research, and event planning, Dennis has led tech community initiatives at Africa Leadership Group’s ALX and community outreach with Interconsumer Products Ltd. He also supports teen mothers through his organization, providing resources and education. Driven by a vision for a sustainable and equitable future, Dennis uses his passion and collaborative spirit to inspire others and promote positive social change.

Emily Addonizio

Emily Addonizio is an agricultural professional with a Master of Science in Agricultural Biotechnologies and postgraduate qualifications in Environmental Management from SOAS, London. With over 13 years of international experience, she has worked extensively in agriculture, natural resource management, and rural development. Emily has held roles at the FAO, focusing on economic recovery, sustainable development, and climate security. She has led projects in countries like Somalia, Kenya, and Uganda. Known for managing large-scale projects and strategic partnerships, Emily excels in business development and policy design.

Irene Ghadi

┬áSeasoned professional with over 7 years of expertise in circularity, climate change, logistics, and e-mobility projects. Her exceptional skills in project coordination, administration, recruitment, business development, and team management have […]

Keni Kariuki


Keni is a professional lawyer that leverages his background in law, public policy, and political economy to support the work being done in the African regulatory space. His key strengths are project management, advocacy, policy, and partnership development.

Liz Kariuki


Liz Kariuki, an Impact Communicator with more than 10 years in creating impact through strategic communication, knowledge management, learning, and impact content development for various development projects across Africa.

Joy Njeri

Specializes in Mathematics and Computer Science. Joy’s ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on society, using her skills and strengths to create meaningful change.

Grace Mwarania

Communication and Branding Officer

With passion for writing and design, Grace is on a mission to empower and inspire you through her content.

Wangu Nyawira

A champion of diversity and inclusion. Wangu holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta and has completed various certifications and courses in financial planning, investment management, and compliance
from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Susan Gathu

Programs Manager

Passionate about empowering the marginalized. She excels in program and operations management, delivering exceptional results and nurturing impactful relationships.

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